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Tisková zpráva: May, time of love and SuperMicro dedicated servers

Popular E3-1220V3 model gets cheaper and becomes a basic model of our product offering. Top quality Xeonem E5-2620 server with 32 GB ECC RAM newly added to our product portfolio. This special May bargain offers even more savings for two-year agreements. Coolhousing comes up with May new offers of SuperMicro dedicated servers.

May offer of servers to lease consists of three SuperMicro platform servers. The entry model comprises a 4-core Intel Xeon E3-1220V3 processor and 16 GB ECC RAM and is available for just € 66.10 per month. A more powerful processor and expanded memory are features of the server with Intel Xeon E3-1240V processor and 32 GB ECC RAM, which only costs slightly more with monthly fees starting at € 81.21 per month.

The new addition to our product offering is a server with six core Intel Xeon E5-2620 processor, which features an extensive 15 MB cache memory and thanks to HyperThreading it supports work with up to 12 threads. It also has 32 GB ECC Reg. RAM. The monthly fee for this server starts at € 89.42 per month.

All SuperMicro platform servers feature two 1TB SATA 6G hard drives. They also feature 100Mbit connectivity, unlimited data transfers, remote IPMI administration and a possibility to purchase the server for a residual price of € 2,- following the expiry of a two year lease agreement.

You now have a possibility to get all SuperMicro servers even cheaper. „We decided to provide an interesting discount to our loyal customers who sign a two year lease agreement with our company. For execution of this agreement you will be able to get a 28% discount (compared to previous 21% discount). Thanks to this discount customers save some Euros every month for any of the servers above,“ introduces Jiří Dvořák, hosting specialist of Coolhousing company, this May surprise.

Check out the full offer of Coolhousing company dedicated servers built on SuperMicro platform at http://www.coolhousing.net/server-supermicro-pronajem.html


Jiří Dvořák, DiS.

Senior Sales Executive


Vinohradska 190, Praha 3

mail: jiri.dvorak@coolhousing.net

tel: +420 775 310 929

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