Tisková zpráva: smartMap Berlin app: enhanced features and an Android version for the 3D map of Berlin

“SmartMap Berlin,” the app which depicts a 3D model of the German capital, continues to ex-pand. “We have moved on to the next dimension after last year’s successful launch of the ver-sion for iPhones and iPads. We have enhanced the app with additional economic and scien-tific information from our Business Location Center and have integrated supplementary maps and infrastructure data. Furthermore the app is now also available in an Android version,” ex-plained Melanie Bähr, Managing Director at Berlin Partner GmbH.

“Berlin is one of the largest and most diverse regions for science in Europe: More than 200,000 people conduct research, study and work here. We are presenting this potential to an international audience with innovative products that have originated in Berlin. The Berlin gov-ernment offered its support for the project and worked alongside the local experts who are global leaders in this technology,” said Cornelia Yzer, Berlin State Senator for Economics, Technology and Research.

The “smartMap Berlin” enables companies to discover the appealing array of commercial real estate in Berlin – directly from their mobile devices. Roughly 1,000 available office and com-mercial properties can be virtually toured and viewed internationally, at any time. The “smart-Map Berlin 2.0” has been expanded to include information about Berlin as a location for busi-ness and science. It now includes all of Berlin’s research institutes and lists companies and training centers in the healthcare industries cluster. This makes it easier to view and experi-ence the city’s overall potential. Further information will be added in the coming months.

“A particular perk in the newest ‘smartMap Berlin’ version is the possibility to rotate the 3D map. This allows for particular buildings and areas to be viewed from all directions and per-spectives. We have added additional map levels, public transport information and also the ability to access the map from an Android. All these changes improve the usability and make the depicted information more comprehensive,” said Benjamin Hagedorn, Managing Director at 3D Content Logistics GmhH.

The “smartMap Berlin” app was introduced in October 2012; it is a complete presentation of Berlin in 3D with a total of roughly half a million buildings and more than 800 square kilome-ters of city space. The app was developed by 3D Content Logistics, a start-up from the region, in close cooperation with the Business Location Center from Berlin Partner GmbH, Berlin’s economic development corporation.

The app can be downloaded, free of charge, from the iTunes App Store or the Play Store by searching for “smartMap Berlin.” The first version was downloaded more than 13,000 times from the App Store.

Access more information about the “smartMap Berlin” at karin.teichmann@berlin-partner.de

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